Hermès …. synonym for luxury scarves, bags, porcelain, saddles.  You might or might not like their style, but there is no doubt about it:  as far as craftsmanship is concerned, they are tops.  When I saw that a traveling show of meeting their craftspeople was on at the Saatchi Gallery, I made a point to visit.  And, of course, learned a lot:  Did you know it takes the equivalent of 650 silk cocoons to make one of their famous scarves? Or that some of their scarves (made of a heavier weight two-ply Duchesse silk) have a velvety-feel on parts of their design (such as the feathers in the photos below), and that the famous Indian Tiger porcelain line comes with different backgrounds, geared towards men (silver) and women (pink) . Bravo to Hermès for putting such a living exhibit together and for keeping these traditional skills alive!