2007metricycle-a-smlHello and welcome to zenaida.travel, where I hope to inspire you to visit the great unknown we call our world, with all its beauties and problems.

Travel seems to have been my middle name since the age of seven, when my parents took me on an ocean liner (cruise ships they were not at that time!) from Buenos Aires to New York, followed by a three-day/three-night Greyhound bus trip to Seattle, Washington and returning on a propeller jet (the height of innovation in 1957!) to Argentina.

Many trips to different parts of the world followed over the next several decades, living, studying, getting married and divorced, working in the United States and Canada, then moving to Europe – with Munich as my main base of operations for many years – and lengthy stays working in China and Spain in between.

In 2010, after a 257-day around the world trip, I chose Berlin as my new home base.   Although at a more moderate speed, I continue to explore the world, for example to Myanmar (Burma) and in and around Berlin. Let me show you some of the places I have learned to love – and tell me how you feel about them, too!

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