Compared to the times of the 13th century, when King John’s Castle was built, we live in very peaceful times. Imagine having to live in this castle, nay, fortress in order to save your life. Had you stayed in one of the surrounding villages, you would probably not have made it when an enemy attacked. Within its thick stone walls, there was at least a small chance of survival. In fact, the castle (and its inhabitants) survived five sieges in the 17th century – including the longest in 1651, which lasted over 6 months.

Reopened in June 2013 after a multi-million Euro redevelopment, the state-of-the-art educational and interactive multi-media features are great for children and adults alike. Not only is the fascinating story of its construction told, the craftsmen and artisans come alive in 3-D models and holographs and guide the visitor through its vast chambers, giving insight into medieval life and times.
This is a must-see experience in Limerick!

Note: A big thank you goes to Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland for making this trip possible. All views expressed above are mine, and mine only.

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