„When you visit, you find what you want“ is the motto of the Tokyu Hands department store in Japan.  And so it is:  whether you are looking for sushi making gadgets; shoe insoles made of anything from fur to cork to leather with and without magnets; cookie stamping forms; stickers, ribbons or anything crazy to do with making cards; lunch box accessories (the art of making appealing lunch boxes for little kids is an art in Japan); gift boxes in all shapes and sizes, etc., etc. It is the sheer quantity and selection that makes this department store so memorable. Note: Don’t come if you are looking for Valentino gowns or Hermes scarves, these you will find elsewhere.  But for anything to do with home decoration, housewares, luggage and the like – Tokyu Hands in its 20 locations across Japan, including the flagship store in Tokyo-Shibuya,  is heaven!  And a great place to find out-of-the-ordinary souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Be prepared to spend at least an hour or two to browse at leisure – I spent a good three hours there!

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  1. It would be nice Tokyu Hands would get themselves an on line website so as international customers could purchase goods off it.

    People often buy things when on a visit after trying a product out they then feel if only I had purchased more. If they had a website maybe we could.

    In my case I purchased a shoe innersole that I would like to have a lot more pairs of How to purchase something from Tokyu Hands or find someone to help purchase on my behlaf as I live in Australia is the question

    K Smith

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