When you think of Japan, sand dunes and beaches are not the first thing that come to mind.  And yet, they do exist!  Tottori, a small city on the West Coast, can boast to being the home to Japan’s largest sand dunes, stretching an impressive 10 km along the coast, at times up to 2 km deep.  Fine sand, spectacular scenery, good swimming and some very hot onsen (hot springs), as well as fresh seafood (abalone is a local specialty) make for a great getaway break from city life in the summer.  The area is also known for its juicy and fragrant pears.

In 1964, the Academy Award nominated movie “Woman in the Dunes” by Hiroshi Teshigahara was filmed on location here.  Today, you can have a “Lawrence of Arabia” experience by riding a camel, or at least having your photo taken next to one.

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  1. Das war ein wunderbarer, teilweise mystischer Film.
    Ich habe ihn 2x gesehen.

    Viel Spass noch in meiner 2. Heimat Japan!

    K n u t

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