Ever on the lookout for new gourmet taste sensations, I found these white strawberries in Tokyo’s famous wholesale Tsukiji food market.  Beautifully packaged, as they should be for the price of 800 Yen for 6 strawberries in early February (that’s about $10 or 8 Euro).  Amazingly, they really tasted like strawberries, as did the red ones, of course.  Incidentally, the colors red and white symbolize the New Year, and since we have just begun one, it is fitting that there should also be red and white strawberries to celebrate it, no?

Quick internet research has shown that, indeed, white strawberries are new on the market and that there are even some other kind such as “pineberries” which are strawberries but taste of pineapple. “Alpine whites” (Fragaria vesca), which are cousins to the “fraises du bois”, much smaller and more intense in flavor, have been around since the 18th century.

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  1. Dear Zenaida,
    happy new Japanese year to you too. Never mind if the strawberries are red, white, blue or purple – as long as they bring you a lot of luck.
    Fist time that I have been on your travel side. How exciting. Very nice and interesting.

  2. As one eats as much with one’s eyes, I find the colour contrasts totally appealing. The price…well, I guess I’ll just stick to our basic French garden strawberries, available only end of May here!

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