After all the impossible-to-pronounce names in Iceland, a simple one:  Krafla.  Simple name, powerful landscape.  Always windy. Not a tree in sight.  At most, earth-hugging miniature purple flowers, several types of moss and very pretty white pompons atop green stalks.  Krafla is a volcanic area and a geothermal powerstation in the north of Iceland, near Lake Myvatn.  The region is known for its volcanic activity – there are 29 outbreaks in recorded history, the last one as recent as 2007.  It includes the crater Víti (meaning „hell“ in Icelandic – in former times, it was believed that the entrance to hell was under volcanoes), with an easy promenade around its rim offering stunning views into the 34-meter, deep-green waters of the lake.  A rudimentary marked path takes you past several burbling mud pots and rocky fisures emiting sulphuric fumeroles.  A very worthwhile excursion showing the beauty of the volcanic world.

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  1. Dear Zenaida,

    very nice to hear from you again. Have a healthy and happy new year 2011 with much beuatiful travelling around the word!


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