Voices hushed, feet in socks shuffling softly on tatami mats, sandalwood smoke from incense sticks,  heads bowed in ancestral prayer …  not so at the Kyoto temple fleamarket: a cacophony of voices, from shrill to shriller, boom to bass, everyone trying to overtrump the other and all with the same message: “buy me”.

Hundreds of dealers have set up their temporary stalls around the temple, sell everything from silk kimonos, plump and juicy orange sharon fruit, antique porcelain, wire-holders for bananas and other kitchen gadgets, mounds of exotic smelling dried fish, seaweed ribbons by the yard.  And in their midst, a calligrapher calmly sweeps his brush with swathes of black ink over absorbent rice paper.

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  1. Gracias por este paseo por el mercado, tan bien descrito y fotografiado con tanto respeto y afecto… solamente me faltó el olor!!

  2. Liebe Zenaida,

    welch ein Vergügen Deine Berichte aus Japan zu lesen. Und wie immer die herrlichen Fotos.

    Ich bleibe dran und freue mich auf die nächsten Artikel.

    Hab Spaß und Freude.
    Herzlichst Caroline

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