Honeymoons – what a wonderful time to explore a new country!  And New Zealand is a place that offers it all:  beaches, mountains, hot springs, culture, adventure.  I don’t want to sound like the official tourism marketing agency, but it is true, this country does offer everything to honeymooners of all ages, by the way.

Thanks to the great honeymoon travel arrangements made by Liberty Travel, you can be enjoying fishing for trout in Lake Taupo (you can’t buy it, you actually have to fish it yourself), mountain biking through the Crates of the Moon, enjoying a thermal mud souffle treatment, or relaxing in a private pool with acidic mineral waters. Acidic mineral water is supposed to be great for the skin. Walking around the Lady Knox Geyser and last but not least, enjoying an evening’s entertainment – Maori style: For the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maoris, night was an important time:  it was then that the Sky Father Ranginui and the Earth Mother Papatūānuku lay in a firm embrace.  Now if that isn’t a theme that goes with honeymooning…

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