One of my main reasons for coming to Penang (other than meeting up with a cousin who is sailing around the world), was to visit the Butterfly Farm. I had read about it back in the 90s and now my dream has come true.

This live-butterfly sanctuary has been in operation since 1986 and is a leader in terms of research, breeding and conservation of these beautiful creatures. In addition, the Farm is also home to a large number of insects – such as the fascinating “leaf” and “stick” insects – and some excellent documentation on Lepidoptera. First and foremost, though, it is a leading tourist attraction on Penang Island and is a wonderful experience. Even though I have visited many butterfly places, I have never seen this many butterflies in one place. Mostly local kinds, they seem very active, no doubt also because of the natural high temperature and humidity (which is increased by a fine mist every so and so many minutes – a veritable steam bath). There were easily several thousands of the beasties fluttering about, much to the delight of everyone there!

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  1. Hallo Zenaida,

    bei den Schmetterlingen musst Du doch wie zu hause gewesen sein – Zenaida und die Schmetterlinge!!!!!!
    Freue mich über Deine Artikel -bunt wie Schmettelinge. Lass es Dir weiter gut geht. Viele Grüße

  2. Zenaida, ich bin immer wieder begeistert über Ihre Fotos und Beschreibungen! Weiter eine gute Reisezeit!
    Carola dankt!

  3. Vielen Dank fuer die Ermutigung! Wenn ich mal Zeit habe, muss ich die Namen der Schmetterlinge erkunden.

  4. Hi Zen-Aida

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. We will go to the butterfly farm in November.

    Anniko from Australia

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