One of the great megalopolis of this world, Beijing never ceases to surprise me.  Even though the number of skyscrapers has easily quadrupled since the first time I visited in 1995, you can still find quiet corners where it seems as if time has stood still.  But believe me, it hasn’t.  Not here. If anything, time has been torn down and has been rebuilt to look as if it is standing still (but this time with running water and electricity).

It seems to me that only when you look into the eyes of the old people and see enlightened wisdom and then into the eyes of the very young that you find unspoilt innocence.  In between these two extremes of life, there is only the rush and surge of business and making money that moves today’s 17 million Beijingers.

I had the privilege of being in Beijing during the week-long festivities celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.  The photos of the floats and all the people strolling in the evening in Tienamen Square reflect the atmosphere of pride in being Chinese and general enjoyment at being at the center of things.

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