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  1. hey…..enjoying your updates and pictures….keep them coming…..

  2. Hey meine Liebe,

    wenn du wuesstest, wie ich dich beneide…………………………
    Deine Berichte sind zu meiner regelmässigen Wochenendlektuere geworden.
    Lass es dir weiter gut gehen und bis ganz bald.
    Alles Liebe

  3. That lost Tuesday… it may lie somewhere between the lines of a Lewis Carroll poem! You will get it back as soon as one of your delicious travels lend you to the Jabberwocky. I promise. Another cup of tea?

  4. Hi Zenaida, every time I receive a newsletter from you I think what a wonderful thing you have done for yourself. I will have a long discussion with you when you return (when is it???) to find out how to go about such a trip. Wonderful. Are you going to publish a book when you are done?

    Munich has had a great November, unusual and much appreciated. Little fog, no snow, much sun. I have loved it. Will be in Atlanta all of January. Are you back before then? Love Hilde

  5. To be honest, I have no idea when I”ll be back, if I’ll be back. Europe seems veeery far away right now…

  6. Sounds good, but maybe I”ll run after the rabbit down the hatch first and go find the Cheshire cat…

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