Applause for private initiative! This museum grew out of a son’s admiration for his mother’s sense of style and fashion.  It probably also helped that the family’s business had to do with the textile industry.  At any rate, the Museo de la Moda, established in 2006 by Jorge Yarur Bascuñan, is located in the former residence of one of Chile’s most noted businessman, Jorge Yarur Banna and his wife Rachel Bascuñan Cugnoni. This is a 1500 sq. mtr. House, completed in 1961, surrounded by a park of 10,000 sq. mtrs. planted with, by now, magnificent specimen trees.  Strongly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, the house in itself is a museum, with its clear lines and vistas, use of native woods, stones and glass. At the time of construction, the location of this estate was far away from downtown Santiago.  Now it is part of one of the most exclusive neighborhoods, Vitacura, easily accessible by metro, bus and car.

The house was made “museum-visitor-friendly” by building an extension and remodeling several rooms.  Now, the visitor can appreciate the main rooms and then continues on to the permanent exhibit of historic tennis equipment, including tennis-ball machine making equipment.  Then follows the current showing (changes every year).  The one I visited is called “War and Seduction” and follows the development of fashion in World Wor I and II, both from a military and civilian point of view.

My resume:  Don’t miss this museum (and the Ralli Museum) if you are in Santiago.  These two museum will give you many hours of pleasure and lasting memories.

All photographs are courtesy of Museo de la Moda.

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  1. Ein tolles Haus und Du warst sehr fleißig mit all den vielen Bildern, die Du für uns eingestellt hast !
    Danke !

  2. WIE Du in Fahrt kommst mit den vielen ‘bunten’ (im Wort-, aber auch im übertragenen Sinne) postings – bewundernswert! Dies Thema war ein ganz besonderes Vergnügen am Dienstagmorgen – danke! GRW Ariane

  3. It’s so wonderful to think of clothing and accessories as pieces of art… what better justification for buying those expensive beautiful designer shoes and handbags I want?

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