While not the capital of New Zealand, it is the country’s largest city with 1.4 million inhabitants (roughly 31% of the entire country’s population).  The central city area is located on an isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea, boasting two harbours on two separate major bodies of water.

I had been told by many people that Auckland is not a nice city to live in.  Well, so far, I have spent two weeks here and have no complaints other than the wintry weather.  Clean streets, good bus system, more coffeeshops and small Asian restaurants than anybody can keep track off, an astonishing number of shops and commercial spaces for rent/lease/sale, approachable and very friendly people, good accommodations. But if the landscape is to be green, then it must rain.  And raining it is.

On the few sunny days so far, I have dashed out to take photographs.  One of my first outings was a harbour cruise.  I am a sucker for skylines and marine vistas, so you will have to indulge me.

The New Zealand Film Festival was the best show in town, so I took in several films in the magnificent Civic Theatre (see separate article “Elephants in the Sky”).

Now I am off to investigate the rest of the North Island, especially some of New Zealand’s over 100 hot springs!

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  1. Dear Zenaida,
    What beautiful photos! Hopefully you will take more of the southern part and a close up of a sheep herd.
    Write more about your feelings in New Zealand…how people live and their interests on a day to day basis…the level of education you notice…Warmest wishes to you! gloria

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