These world famous waterfalls bubble over with superlatives:  70 meters high, 275 different falls, located in a National Park declared Patrimony of Mankind by UNESCO, etc. etc.  For me, it was seeing the coatís (a type of raccoon) up-close that proved to be the highlight.  And the butterflies, of course (more…)

Definitely, I will be back in Misiones some day, preferably in late September/beginning of October, when the wild orchids are in bloom and nature goes wild with color.  And I’ll go to see the waterfalls from the Brazilian side (Foz de Iguazu), since that is where you get the panoramic views, as the falls themselves are on the Argentine side.


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  1. This mail is beautiful and the pictures are superb. You should have them published. What beautiful sites. You must have a lot of energy to do all the things you are doing. Keep photographing so well!

    Sally Schiller

  2. Oh, that parade of coatis in Argentina! :-))
    And those baby elephants in South Africa!
    You keep diving into very different worlds! Enjoy!

  3. Dear Zenaida.. What a beautiful castle on your last trip…and now the animals and butterflies! The photos are truly great. I am looking forward to your next stop…but please bring me back a little animal…or at least to the zoo here…for petting. Alles liebe, Gloria

  4. Dear Zenaida, What a sight……I can almost hear the roar of the water…..Love the Coatis….what little cuties, and the picture of them on the railing is wonderful……Enterprising little souls…..and looks like they certainly add to the experience… well as those gorgeous butterflies…….They love the mist…..Keep your camera and pen in good order. Love your travels…V

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