Bookworm alert!  For all who, like me, cannot resist a good bookstore (worse than going into a candy store), Buenos Aires has a special treat:  The “Ateneo Grand Splendid” centrally situated on Avenida Santa Fé has been rated 2nd best in the world by the British newspaper “The Guardian” in a 2008 survey (more…)


And beautiful it is:  It is housed in a restored theater originally built in 1919, converted into a bookstore in 2000. Now, about 3000 visitors per day stroll around and enjoy the theatrical atmosphere.  There are over 120,000 books, CDs and DVDs in stock, comfortable nooks in which to sit and read and if you are hungry, just go on stage and have yourself a “café con leche y medialuna” (the equivalent of a cappuccino and biscotti in Italy).

Libreria Ateneo, Avenida Santa Fé 1860 , Buenos Aires,

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  1. Hello my Dear!

    Thanks for the Ateneo Grand Spledid pictures – I’m going to send them to my friends at the Vancouver Writer’s Festival…perhaps we could get them to do a competition/exhibition of the world’s best – this certainly would be a topper.

    I think it is excellent that you have gathered up your affairs and gone on the road! Wish you good luck on this epic journey, and will eagerly track your reports. Big hugs!

  2. Liebe Zenaida,
    ich bin begeistert! Vielleicht sollte ich mal nach Argentinien? Von Porto Alegre (da bin ich quasi verabredet) ist das nicht zu weit.
    Ich würde gerne jeden Tag etwas Neues von Dir lesen.
    Beijos Dierk

  3. Liebe Zenaida,
    ich schliesse mich Dierk an: ich schau immer wieder gespannt hier vorbei.
    Hut ab – das mit der site hast du supi hinbekommen:-)

    Deine Fotos finde ich toll und es stellt sich mir die Frage: kommt sie überhaupt nochmal zurueck nach Muenchen;-)

    Hallo Dierk:-)
    Ich bin zwar aus Muenchen und Argentinien ist recht weit – aber solltest du losfahren – dann lass es mich wissen 😉

    Alles Liebe

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