The Tblisi Botanical Garden is one of the oldest ones in the world, if you consider that the grounds it occupies were once, 400 years ago, the site of the royal Seidabadi Gardens.  Since 1809 there are records of its herbarium and as of 1845 it has been officially denominated a botanical garden.  It occupies a ravine with over 128 hectares of stone terraces at the end of a valley. A river runs its length, also forming a picturesque waterfall (more…)


After the October 1917 unrests, it was no longer kept up because of lack of money.  Only after 1943, when it became a part of the Academy of Sciences, was any systematic botanical activity taken up again.

At the time of my visit, in early May, only the lilacs were in full bloom.  There are about 60 different kinds of lilacs growing there.  Curiously, there are no deep purple specimens, only white and pale lilac, including the sweetly fragrant “Palibin”kind.

“The once famous rose garden is only a shadow of its former self”, according to Jujuna, the gardner in charge of roses.  She had spent years breeding them; unfortunately,  during the political unrest of 1991, many parts of the botanical garden were severely damaged by marauders, including her beloved rose garden.

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  1. Ich sehe schon, die botanischen Seiten mit ihren Geschichtchen werden meine Lieblingsseiten! … und: wenn es schon mich ungebührlich viel Zeit kostet, in ihnen zu stöbern – wie ist das dann erst bei Dir, die den gesamten blog herstellt?? Du ‘musst’ ja auch noch reisen…. GRW A.

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