In many places around the world, also in Tblisi, Saturday means market day. And what a market it is! Seldom have I visited a market that is more sprawling, more crowded, more appealing to all the senses, more “real”. Not only does it encompass the official market space, but the dry goods and flea market area spill out onto an empty lot in back and the small time vendors line the entrance for about 200 meters in either direction (more…)


Different ethnic groups bring their specialties: the Aserbadjian and the Tartars are known for their herbs, the Armenians for cabbages and carrots, the nuts come from the west Georgian area of Ratscha, the best potatoes from Marneuli on the border of Georgia and Aserbadjian as well as the brooms, the strawberries are best from the Gurdgaani (about 2 hours drive) area – they are the tastiest, sweetest strawberries I have eaten in years.

From Kachetia – the wine region – come “wine sausages” made of thickened grape juice formed into sausages and filled with different types of nuts.

In another part of the market, you’ll find dry goods and all kinds of tools. Last but not least, a vast flea market with every conceivable type of spare part…

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